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Lead with your team


Our interactive, dynamic workshops help you to engage as a team to create buy-in, agreement, and ownership. Choose from the modules below to build your own workshop and unlock the collective power of your team. 
A full day workshop will typically include 3 modules. HBDI modules are optional half-day additions. Design a program from a half-day workshop to multiple workshops over a longer period – it's up to you! 


Select your modules and request a quote for 8+ participants using the form on this page. 

Define your Vision and Purpose:

We facilitate activities to inspire and empower the team by clarifying your purpose, setting a direction that aligns with the organisation’s core values and long-term objectives.

Set Clear Roles and Responsibilities:

We help you to optimise team dynamics and accountability by ensuring you have transparent and mutually understood roles and responsibilities.

Streamline Business Processes:

We facilitate interactive team-based activities to understand your key business processes, identify bottlenecks and process improvements.

Balance Competing Priorities:

We introduce practical frameworks and techniques to balance your priorities effectively. Engage your team in a facilitated discussion about the relative importance of your key initiatives to create mutual understanding and perspective.

Create a Strategic Action Plan:

We help your team to co-create an actionable strategic plan. Gain ownership and buy-in to orient the team toward future goals, identify key initiatives, set measurable objectives, and create a timeline for implementation.

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement:

We guide your team to collectively identify and analyse key stakeholders, their interests, and their influence. We introduce effective strategies to engage stakeholders and build relationships to support your strategic initiatives.

Communication Strategies:

We introduce techniques to craft compelling messages and create an open and transparent communication culture.

HBDI® Individual and Team Profiles:

Using evidence-based diagnostics, we help you understand the thought diversity, strengths and blind spots that exist in the team to help you unlock your collective power.

HBDI® Team Effectiveness Dashboard: 

An additional online diagnostic that provides more detailed insights about team perception, alignment and focus. It is most effective when used in conjunction with the individual and team profiles.

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