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Here at The Expert Leader, we know that every person has the capacity to lead and that great leadership can occur at any level in an organisation. Experts, and those with specialist domain knowledge are critical to the success of most organisations – but many don’t realise the power they already have to lead and influence others.


When that power is cultivated, experts and specialists can have a transformative impact on their organisation’s mission and culture. When that power is ignored or suppressed, organisations risk missing out on opportunities to achieve significant results, or lose incredibly valuable specialist resources entirely.

In our programs and workshops, we focus on the values and strengths of the individual. We believe that a tailored, individual approach is the secret to helping experts unlock their personal power, to amplify their impact across their organisation, sector, and profession. We know that changing the world for just one person can have an impact that is felt across an entire organisation, and we have helped individuals to, quite literally, change the world.


We draw on a combined 100 years’ experience building and leading teams, and developing and empowering leaders, to develop practical solutions grounded in reality.


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The expert leader Canberra


Expert Leades

...a wealth of knowledge and experience

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The Expert Leader - Rochelle Fittler - ICF Member

Rochelle Fittler

Rochelle Fittler


Rochelle is a former CIO, Operations Manager, and Senior International Liaison Officer, with the skills to handle each of these highly challenging and very different roles. After more than 20 years in the Defence and Intelligence Sector, Rochelle is pursuing her passion for building leadership potential in others. Rochelle’s background in science and analysis means she loves exploring the latest rigorous research on leadership and considering how this applies to practical technical and operational challenges. Rochelle has previously led foundational technology review programs, established new technical intelligence and operational capabilities, and negotiated international cooperation agreements.


Rochelle’s superpower is in her collaborative approach. She believes that people rarely achieve anything that is worth achieving alone, and brings a strong relationship focus to her coaching.


Lynn Moore


Lynn’s impressive record over 35 years in Defence, Intelligence and Cyber Security is matched only by her passion for developing and empowering individuals to live up to their full potential. Her previous experience managing technical and operational teams underpins her success as an early leader in establishing the Australian Government’s cyber security capability. Lynn was instrumental in establishing the Cyber Security Operations Centre at the Australian Signals Directorate. She has led major technical change programs and implemented new intelligence and security capabilities in multiple Government departments.


Lynn’s superpower is her practical, no-nonsense approach to leadership that puts people first, achieving big, sustainable results with few resources. She has an uncanny ability to develop leadership in even the most reluctant employees.


Lynn Moore

The Expert Leader - Lynn Moore - ICF Member

Peter Wardle

Peter Wardle


Peter has over three decades of professional experience spanning Defence, Intelligence, Security, Cyber Security and Regulation. He has operated extensively in both international and domestic environments, leading diverse and highly successful technical and policy teams. Most recently he led competitive processes that successfully allocated 5G spectrum to telecommunication carriers for Australia’s future communication needs, generating $2.3B for government. With a science background in mathematics and physics. Peter’s leadership journey began as an Air Force Officer and has included time overseas both in an operational theatre and as a senior international liaison officer. Peter is highly respected for his supportive leadership approach and his success in developing people and teams to achieve their full potential. 
Peter’s superpower is his genuine interest in people. Recognising that everyone has value, and their own story. He has a well-honed ability to listen, contextualise and draw out individual strengths to ensure success in complex environments


Jen Ainsworth


Jen is an accomplished leader who is passionate about the positive impact that great leadership has on people, performance, and organisational success. With two decades of experience in Australia's National Security Community, Jen has demonstrated her ability to build and lead diverse, highly technical, and geographically dispersed teams to achieve outstanding results. Jen draws on her astute leadership skills and technical expertise to build high-performing teams that can tackle the toughest challenges. Her diplomatic and open-minded approach, combined with her strong listening skills, have made her a trusted advisor and coach to experts and leaders at all levels.  

Jen's superpower is her ability to apply her exceptional analysis skills to understanding organisational challenges, and build the collaborative environments to solve them.

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Jen Ainsworth

The Expert Leader - Lynn Moore - ICF Member

...a testament to success

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